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Sacromonte & Afk
Cudol -     Cd + Tape 


Collaborative album by Sacromonte (Alberto Lucendo) and AFK (Luca Longobardi).

The album is an ambient music celebration of nature and its powerful beauty.

Out in Archives Nov 2021.

Wonderful Losers
Vinyl - 2021


It´s not necessary to watch the film, cause the music has its very own engrossing effect while listening to it on repeat. The fragile, floating and levitating ambient tracks, unfurl their impact depending on how you listen to the sounds with low or high volume.

It´s up to you, if you want to create a soundtrack out of your imagination or if you want to watch the movie to combine the audiovisual transaction of the composer and the director.

“Wonderful Losers” comes in an edition of 200 copies on solid pink and transparent turquoise vinyl, housed in reverse board printed sleeves.

pies on solid pink and transparent turquoise vinyl, housed in reverse board printed sleeves.

Out in Midira Records.

אִיּוֹב Iyov 10,8
E.P Cassette
Limited Edition


A journey across emotions and feelings wraped in 20min Casstte.

Limited edition - hand numbered.


Sand from Benicassim + handmade artwork + digital download code.

Out in El Muelle Records.

Sacromonte - Rime
Vinyl - Limited Edition


RIME is my debut album with my solo project Sacromonte.

Repress of the Sacromonte's debut album the french label Banquise Records 180g ultra clear vinyl, a very limited edition that contains a re-design for the original graphic designer Marius Kroh, in a high quality paper and includes a poster with the full size original picture used for the artwork.

Out in Banquise Records.


CD - EDITION - 2017


Rime is the debut album of my solo project Sacromonte.

Published- Luscinia Discos 2017.(SP)

Mixed & Mastered by Martin Heyne.(DE)

Collaborations: Rauelsson & Ana Béjar

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