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Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist, Alberto Lucendo, after many years working as a music producer, with a long history in studio recording techniques, has delved into scoring soundtracks for films, abstract music, experimental film photography, and as a performer in the improvisation scene.

As a composer he has been awarded the Silver Crane for best composer in 2018 by the Lithuanian Film Academy, and was pre-selected in 2014 and 2018 for the Goya’s Awards as composer on the Best Original Soundtrack. He composed music for several international films with awards from the Warsaw International Film Festival, Minsk International Film Festival, Lithuanian Filmmakers Award, Premis Turia, Miradas Doc Canal+, and was selected as well for many international festivals such as San Sebastian International Fim Festival, Docs Barcelona, Docs DF, Spanisches Film festival Berlin, ESFF, Talling Black Nights Film Festival, Trieste Film Festival and many more.He has also begun composing music for TV and Radio shows, ads and theatre.

As a musician he has a long history in bands as a guitarist, and in 2016 he started his solo music project, Sacromonte.In 2017 he released his debut album “Rime” on the Spanish label Luscinia Discos, which includes collaborations with ambient musician Rauelsson (Sonic Pieces) and one of the pioneers of Spanish indie rock, Ana Bejar (Usura, Orlando…) The album was mixed and mastered by German producer and engineer Martyn Heyne at his Litche Studio in Berlin.

In 2019 his record RIME is repressed by the french label Banquise Records in a limited vinyl edition.

As a live performer, he has toured in countries such as Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Spain, and had opened for artists such as Matt Elliott and Jaakko Eino Kalevi.

He is also a performer in the improvisation Berlin scene, and has performed in several theater projects as musician and sound designer.

Recently he has started to explore the film photography field, experimenting with old cameras and expired rolls, and creating a personal style with a mixture of portraiture and abstract photography in collaboration with some art collectives and galleries.

Alberto Lucendo
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