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Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist, Alberto Lucendo, after many years working as a music producer, with a long history in studio recording techniques, has delved into scoring soundtracks for films and as solo artist in the ambinet music scene.

As a composer he has been awarded the Silver Crane for best composer in 2018 by the Lithuanian Film Academy, and was pre-selected in 2014 and 2018 for the Goya’s Awards as composer on the Best Original Soundtrack. He composed music for several international films with awards from the Warsaw International Film Festival, Minsk International Film Festival, Lithuanian Filmmakers Award, and was selected as well for many international festivals such as San Sebastian International Fim Festival, Docs Barcelona, Docs DF, Spanisches Film festival Berlin, ESFF and many more. He had also composed music for TV and Radio shows, ads and theatre.

As Producer and Sound Engineer he had work in several music studios and is credited in hundred of records, his more recents jobs includes collaborations with asrtists as Lucrecia Dalt or Rauelsson.

As a musician he has a long history in bands as a guitarist, and in 2016 he started his solo music carrer whcih conatains already several albums released in diferent formats as vinyl, cassette or CD, collaborating with labels as El Muelle Records, Banquise Records, Archives, Midira Records among others.
For presenting this albums he made some tours in countries as Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain or Portugal.

Alberto Lucendo
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