It has taken me five years to record this album, five years of recordings all over the world, during tours, travels, some studios, other people's houses and rarely my own.
In talking about the relationship with my mother, it is an album dedicated to her and the first work I publish under my own name.

Here is a small excerpt from the concert I did in Spain within the Cinemascore film and music festival, performing the Wonderful Losers soundtrack live.

Remix for the ambient artist Galán of his beautiful song Samoa from the album Strange Parentheses (Archives 2018).
In the album collaborates another artist such as Steve Pacheco Eduardo Briganty Shuta Yasukochi r beny Alberto Lucendo Max Würden Erissoma Carlos Suero David Cordero Lee Yi (Eyoko) José Soberanes 

The debut album RIME with my solo project Sacromonte, is out now in Vinyl. Repressing by the french label Banquise Records.​



Stuka Experiment, Best Documentary Movie at the Valencian Audiovisual Awards.
A documentary film that reveals a hidden story about a secret Nazi weapon that was tested in a small region of Spain.  


Notícies - À Punt NTC20H

I composed and recorded the music for the TV News À Punt - NTC 20H.

Happening daily in the Spanish TV at 20h.




Back to the kids! since my very first job as composer "Five days to dance".

I grabbed the guitar again, the glockenspiel even the flute for a score this film form the directors Rafa Moles and Pepe Andreu, a production from Suica Films.

I had the great pleasure of immersing myself in a wonderful documentary about the inner world of Mateo Vilagrasa, a painter born in my homeland with whom I have been fascinated with his work and his passion for art.

Directed by  AnnaSanmarti, produced by BAS, Suica Films and Nanouk films. Coming soon.


Wonderful Losers the documentary which I was awarded the Silver Crane by the Lithuanian Academy Film as Best Composer. Directed by Arunas Matelis produced by Studio Nominum awarded all around the world in more than 10 festivals as the best documentary


[m]otherhood, the documentary that makes questions about the existence of the widely-accepted maternal instinct


A collaboration with New York-based artist Brooklyn Brayl. Video artist Ashley DuPree used this poem 'Glitter' to create a visual narrative about gender dysphoria. From my part, I composed and recorded the music.

Composing and recording music for the internaDAMP SHEETS (2017)
Choreography / Jenny Ocampo
Dance / Rossella Canciello, Jenny Döll, Iro Grigoriadi, Iliana Kalapotharakou, María Sánchez Alonso

Live Performance in Berlin with my solo project Sacromonte.

Camera:Al Pagoda, Ashley DuPree, Cesc Nogueras.

Edition: Ashley DuPree.

One of the last albums I have produced, a two years process, between Spain and Berlin. We navigated between sounds that reminds to Fleet Foxes, Damien Jurado or Tom Waits, as usual, we recorded in live all together in the same room, a really great experience and here is the result.

Composing and recording music for the international shoes brand Pikolinos.

The video artist Ashley DuPree create this wonderful video composition to dress my album rime with images. You can listen to the whole album and make a trip thru the landscpes watching the video.